What Google reveals about Bitcoin Investing by Financial Institutions

Kolin DeShazo
4 min readMay 12, 2020


A little investigative work goes a long way in revealing the institutional money about to enter the crypto space.

Google has been missing out. First, in the middle of 2018 they banned Crypto related Advertisements. And this month they just unbanned them.

Must have been the loss of ad revenue to Facebook since July that did the trick.

Google’s business is not search engines, it’s Advertising.

Google owned 37% of all digital ad budgets in 2018.

And Alphabet, the parent company of Google received $95.4B in ad revenues last year — or 86% of its total revenue. And in 2018, 83% of that number came from search ads.

There’s been a ton of articles that say the Crypto Bubble has Popped, but you couldn’t tell that from the price of crypto ads on Google:

I haven’t seen such prices since I last saw an ad budget campaign for the healthcare industry:

The prices for health conditions were determined by the group that pays for them. For healthcare, that could be hospitals that want patients, or lawyers that want to litigate on behalf of patients. Mesothelioma is big business.

As an SEO Analyst, or Search Engine Optimization Analyst, it was my business to see into the future. What I told clients was that my job was to see the invisible, have insight into my client’s business that even they themselves did not.

And then exploit it.

Arbitrage the hell out of it. Get them the search volume that their competitors could not. Because in all cases I was brought in on, there was a hidden source of online traffic that was invisible, not just to them, but for their competition as well.

Let’s take a closer look at the Google Adwords screen again:

“bitcoin valuation” — seems like a weird term to come up as the highest bid search phrase. Like, why not just “bitcoin price” or even “bitcoin value”?

Let’s look closer to what a search for that reveals:

The moneydisrupted.com website is running an ad against the phrase “bitcoin valuation”. Looks like they are a research organization:

Scroll to the bottom:

$9,450 for a report.

Hm… who do you think would pony up for a “bitcoin valuation” report at that price? Who do you think uses industry terms like “Valuation” instead of “Value” or even more simply “Price”?

Could it be some jargon heavy financial analyst that works for a Fortune 500 financial institution looking to get a slice of that crypto pie, all the while trying not to look ridiculous while they do so?

Picture some dude in a tie, sitting in an office, working 80 hour weeks and trying their hardest not to f*ckitup once they present their initial findings on this newest-of-new asset classes?

At $9,450 this is cheap job insurance, and takes a little of the sting out of having to Google all this information on their own.

The reason they don’t pay for the phrase “bitcoin price” is that’s a regular Joe-on-the-street search term. It indicates a simple curiosity about the current price du jour. “Valuation” though, is a jargony term thrown around to make you sound smarter than you are. Especially when giving reports to the row at the C-suite.

For those of you who are still on the fence regarding whether the big money is about to enter crypto, take a look at the price of that Google keyword phrase again, and then take another look at the price of the analytical report.

$9,450 is what is technically known as “chump change” to the ones that want that information. Add 6 — 9 more zeroes to get the value of the company that is willing to buy it — who does that point to? Maybe the Goldman Sachs, the Fidelity’s, the CBOE’s, and ICE’s of the world?

If you want to see the future, follow the money. If you want to see where Crypto is going, follow the advertising dollars. If you want to catch the goose that lays the golden egg, then you’ll have to be able to see the invisible.

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